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Reflex is technically an event correlator, designed to examine a stream of events, match patterns, and emit events as output. Reflex is so named because it provides an easy way to add simple reasoning and reaction -- reflexes -- to a system. Reflex is not a single correlator, but a compiler that will produce a custom correlator from a description you provide. All correlators created by the Reflex compiler have similar properties, including a consistent external interface, making them a ‘family’ of programs that can share common code.

We have considered a number of possible uses for the system. Originally it was produced for a government contract to be a part of a demonstration of technologies to improve Internet security in the future. Because Reflex is general and flexible, it can be used to add reflexes to any event based system. It could be used to examine stock information and suggest good times to buy and sell stock, or could monitor weather events and report predictions, or even to watch road traffic and report apparent accidents. We are also exploring Reflex as a tool to help control devices in the home or office, giving a strategy to your home security system or deciding when not to run your sprinkler system. If you discover a new use for Reflex, please let us know!

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